Gallery LUMIERE made its first step in April 2004 with its opening exhibition, “The Masterpiece of Photography in the 20th Century.” We directly adopt the system of professional photography gallery in Manhattan, NY and provide information of the masterpiece to Korean photography collectors.

Our first exhibition, “The Masterpiece of Photography in the 20th Century” offered a chance to view and purchase the real works of legendary artists. The following “Henri Cartier-Bresson: the Decisive Moment” was also met with enthusiastic responses. For people who had usually viewed photographs through the secondary sources, viewing the real works of historic photographers and their signatures at hand was a thrilling experience. We regularly represent seminars and docents to the visitors and share information of exhibiting artists with them.

Gallery LUMIERE stands distinguished not only as one of the precedent fine art photography galleries in Korea but also as a commercial art gallery, which organizes and curates its own independent shows based on extensive resources. We contact with the major art galleries and participate in the art fairs in the United States and Europe to acquire renowned works of photographs as quickly as possible. The gallery’s inventory is wide and solid enough to meet the expectation of collectors who had been looking for the place to view and purchase the works of both regionally and internationally recognized artists. Based on the inventory we plan our own independent shows. In Korea art market, it is not yet too common to find art galleries where independent shows are regularly held. Our gallery represents not only the works by internationally recognized foreign artists, but also the works by talented Korean artists. One of our goals is to be a bridge of Korea photography market and international art markets, by introducing foreign photographers’s works to Korean viewers or collectors and introducing Korean photographers’ works to international viewers or collectors.

Our drawers are full of photographs of the artists whose works were hardly introduced to Korea art market. You can view these works in this website but we strongly recommend to visit and see those works at hand. The gallery will be keep working to meet expectation and response of Korea photograph market.

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