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Exhibition Info

3rd Lumiere International Photography Award

Eelco Brand

The illusionary camera

In Korea:

Gallery Lumiere Seoul, Korea
20th June 2012 - 11th July 2012

In Austria:

Hofburg Imperial Palace, Innsbruck, Austria
6st May 2010 - 13th June 2010

LIPA (Lumière International Photography Award) is the first biennial Korean international photography award established by Gallery Lumière. With a mission to develop the international photography market and the global art market, Gallery Lumière selects the award-winning artist amongst many distinguished and creative young artists who passionately engage in their work. The selection undergoes a strict process and through co-working with sponsor companies, we support the winner in the form of a combined provision of scholarship and fellowship that meets global financial criteria. LIPA aims to promote the award-winning artist to successfully enter the international art scene and to establish oneself as a globally recognized artist in the field of international photography.

The sponsor companies of LIPA (Lumiere International Photography Award) have provided support towards art and culture through global art sponsorship programs, and their support towards LIPA has added a new page in the history of art sponsorship.

As the globally notable awards, established under the initiative of gallerists, there are the ‘National Competition,’ award from Soho Photo Gallery in New York, and an award by Fraser Gallery from Washington. LIPA (Lumiere International Photography Award), which consists of the well-organized patronage system, made possible thorough cooperation with sponsor companies, is distinguished from other awards in terms of its strong financial stability.

The vigorous Mecenat activities of these companies have provided the great assistance to the artists’ performances in the most practical way. As we can see from the history of art patrons, the Medici family’s achievements prove the great influence of sponsors in the contemporary era. The active art patronage system led by the Medici family of Florence, the exceptionally influential and passionate patrons in art, has brought the dramatic cultural expansion in the Renaissance period. Moreover, this effect even brought significant influence on economical and social ripple, which has opened a new chapter in the history of mankind.

In modern society, a number of corporations around the world endeavor to support the growth of art community like the Medici family. For instance, in 2000, a German investment firm built a new office building at Frankfurt Hausen to begin a collection of a number of works by modern photographers. Art Collection Borse - which comprises approximately five hundred pieces of works by forty photographers from both Germany and other countries - is supported by a number of German investment firms, and has been exhibited in this new building. Although Art Collection Borse realistically portrays modern society, the urban experience, endless rhythm of architectural facades, and tranquil natural sceneries, it shows the artists’ critical views on diverse communities in the contemporary world. Every year since 2005, the ‘Deutsche Borse Photography Prize’ sponsors its living artist who is selected without discrimination to nationality. HSBC, the leading global bank, established ‘Fondation HSBC pour la Photographie’ in 1995 to support a variety of sponsoring organizations, promoting art sponsorship around the world. UBS, a notable global financial services firm has been sponsoring the international art fair, Art Basel, through its UBS Art Collection for the past thirteen years. The internationally recognized European bank, Deutsche Bank, known for having the largest collection consisting of over fifty thousand pieces of artworks continues to manage a wide range of collections and accepts the works by young rising artists.

LIPA consists of sponsor companies that actively engage in international business. These corporations have provided support towards art and culture through LIPA, a global art sponsorship program provided by Gallery Lumiere, adding a new page in the history of art sponsorship.

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The works of Eelco Brand expresses the infinite energy and diversity found in nature. The more interesting thing is that the visually fascinating world that deals with nature is actually hand-made works that use high technology developed by mankind. The natural world created by Eelco Brand does not exist in reality. It is an imaginary world that has been created through the process digital technology. Through this kind of process, his works make us think about the subject of mimesis. Mankind has existed in this system of imitation. Through this process of duplication, repetition and adaptation, human culture has been created and reproduced. Furthermore, nature and humankind has always been in the center of this relationship, where the two imitates each other and lives in harmony.

The 3D animation works by Eelco Brand does not have a set beginning or end, and does not hold a specific story. These ‘moving paintings’ are continuous scenes of nature which goes beyond the 2-dimentional surface, and with the addition of sound and movement invites us into a mesmerizing natural world. Furthermore, his digital prints and animations contains unidentifiable but interesting objects, and recently he has continuously worked on materializing these objects into real touchable sculptural forms, thus developing his works further where imagination and reality has a chance meeting.

Eelco Brand (1966-)

The third LIPA artist Eelco Brand crosses the boundaries between different genres of art. His works hold a particular creativity and technology that develops as his artistic career progresses. The computer technology he applies in his creation produces digital paintings and animations which is very detailed that it looks very real, as if an image captured in photographic form. He aims to recreate nature, the imaginary natural world is visually brought to life, hence the world he created is an illusion of the nature we behold in our minds, familiar from reality, but a different new world. Recently his works have gone beyond nature and he places unidentifiable objects in his hand-made natural scenes, and these objects are also in turn materialized into sculptural forms. “Every image is made out of digital scratch by hand and started with nothing, as an empty canvas for a painter.”- Eelco Brand

“Every image is made out of digital scratch by hand and started with nothing, as an empty canvas for a painter.”

- Eelco Brand -

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Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1990 - 1994

Gerrit Rietveld Academy / Voorheen Audiovisueel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands




The illusionary camera, Gallery Lumière, Seoul, South Korea    

Persistence of Vision, Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

Plastic Nature, New Media Arts Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey



eelcobrand.movi#2, 38CC, Delft, NL

Slow sculptures, Heden, Den Haag, NL

Field of view extended, DAM, Berlin, Germany

eelcobrand.movi, Centrum voor Beeldcultuur, Breda, NL


Matérialisations Virtuelles, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

Field of view, DAM, Cologne, Germany


Dreamality, Gallery Lumière, Seoul, South Korea



Electric paint, DAM, Berlin, Germany

Brand new works, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

Espacio Liquido, Gijòn, Spain


Digital Dao, Far East Art Museum, Khabarovsk, Russia


Sam Brook Gallery, Moskou, Russia

Moving paintings, Yaroslavl Art Museum, Yaroslavl, Russia



PPOW Gallery, New York, US

Image Engineer, Museum de Beyerd, Breda, NL

Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy


Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester, England


Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, NL


H.Q.E., Calais, France


Galerie Simoens, Knokke, Belgium


Lokaal 01, Breda, NL



Mobile Forest, Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Summer Splash, DAM gallery Berlin, Germany

The Flash of Nature, Salone Degli Incanti, Trieste, Italy

There was a world once, Märkisches Museum, Witten, Germany


Märklinworld, Museum KAdE, Amersfoort, NL

De Saedeleer revisited/ het landschap in de hedendaagse kunst, Stedelijk Museum, Aalst, Belgium

Into the woods, Galerie Ramakers, Den Haag, NL

De stad/ de rivier, Kunstenlab, Deventer, NL

Fragile: handle with care, Lucca Centre of contemporary art, Lucca, Italy

Voth, Yaroslavl Art Museum, Yaroslavl, Russia


Digitale verleiding, LUMC, Leiden, NL

Soul of Korea, Kaiserlich Hofburg Gotisher Keller, Insbruck, Austria

E-volve, DAM, Cologne, Germany

Texture maps, Nest, Den Haag, NL

Animatiekunst in Nederland,  noordbrabants museum, Den Bosch, NL


Naturasnaturans, Casello delle Polveri, Venezia, Italy

Discovering Slowness, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China

Handpicked, Locuslux gallery, Brussels, belgium

Visual intersection.kr.nl., SIPA, Seoul, South Korea

The Unforgettable Fire, Kunsthal, Rotterdam, NL

Landscape as a Dream, curated by Luigi Meneghelli, Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

Huésped, Colección MUSAC en Rosario - Macro Museo de Arte Contemporàneo de Rosario, Argentina

Huésped,  MUSAC at Museo Nacional e Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Remain in Nature,  LUMC, Leiden, NL

MVD, Museo d'arte contemporanea, Rome, Italy


Iniciarte project, Bienal de Sevilla, Spain

360º, Rasa, Sint Niklaas, Belgium

Lumen Eclipse, Cambridge, US

Exoten, beelden op de berg, Arboretum, Wageningen, NL


Existencias, MUSAC Museo de Arte Contemporánea, Léon, Spain

Second Nature, Fette's Gallery, Los Angeles, US

De ontdekking van de traagheid, KW14, Den Bosch, NL

Reale Instabile, MAM Museo d´arte Moderna, Mantova, Italy

Discovering Slowness, The National Centre of Photography, St. Petersburg, Russia

Paulo Post Forum, Breda's Museum, Lokaal 01, Breda, NL

Bienal de Arquitectura, Arte y Paisaje de Canarias, La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Dreamland, galerie Gist, Brummen, NL


Globos Sonda, MUSAC Museo de arte contemporaneo, Léon, Spain

Fringe, Shanghai Bizart Art Center, Shanghai, China

New Code, Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

I Talked to God in a phonebox on my way home,  Flatland Gallery, Utrecht, NL


Crysalis, Dutch Eyes, Castello Svevo, Bari, Italy

Paradise by the laptoplight, ’T Hoogt, Utrecht, NL

Wonderkamers, Gemeente Museum Den Haag, NL

Het Domein, Plaatwerkerij, Vlissingen, NL

Silent Movements, Vlissingen, Breda, Rotterdam, NL

Kus, Stadscollectie Breda, NL

Animotion, a cura di/curated by L. Beatrice, Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

KW-14, Constructed moment, Den Bosch, NL

HxBxD= de Rabobank Kunstcollectie, Gemeente museum Den Haag, Den Haag, NL


Dreamscapes, Galerie Aeroplastics, Brussels, Belgium

Urban Forest, Tatar Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Parktv voor M.Ploeg, Stedelijk Museum CS, Amsterdam, NL


Tremor, Lotheringer13 spiegel, München, Germany

SKOR- INKIJK, Amsterdam, NL


Centraal Museum Utrecht, NL

La nuit art video, Strasbourg, France

Video-exhibition Kriterion, Amsterdam, NL

Geheugen van een stad, Grote Kerk Breda, Breda, NL

Dutch Mountains, Museum Bommel van Dam, Venlo, NL

Caldic Collectie, Museum Boymans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL


Achter de Horizon, Noordbrabants museum Den Bosch, NL

Aanwinsten, Noordbrabants museum, Den Bosch, NL

New European Artists, Sotheby's, Amsterdam, NL

Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

Art Film, Stadtkino, Basel, Switzerland

Stroomversnelling, Groninger Museum, Groningen, NL


Moving Still, Sandberg 2, Hoorn, NL

Videohalte R.Koolhaas, Groningen, NL

Lokaal 01, Breda, NL

Een ceder in mijn tuin, KW 14, Den Bosch, NL



Winner of 3rd LIPA, Gallery Lumière Seoul (2010, Austria exhibition / 2012 Korea


Arti & Amicitiae award


Buning Brongers award


Publieksprijs Koninklijke Subsidie voor vrije schilderkuns



Coevorden town hall, video installation and wall size print, NL


Openingsfilm G20 Business Summit, Seoul


Commemoration 5 EURO coin, Multatuli's 'Max Havelaar', commissioned by Dutch Ministry of Finance


Video installation at 'Solstice', Celebrity Cruises, Norway


Permanent video installation 'Wonderkamers' at the Gemeente Museum, Den Haag


Buning Brongers award


Parking 'de Prins', Trivision display, 250 x 800cm, Breda

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Please make sure that all images indicate copyright.
The proper form would be © Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere

Red Object, 2009, 60x60cm, digiprint

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


Yellow Object, 2009, 60x60cm, digiprint

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


Fog, 2010, 80x160cm, digiprint

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


River, 2009, 80x160cm, digiprint

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


Mountain, 2009, 80x60cm, digiprint

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


Snow, 2009, 120x100cm, digiprint

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


B.movi, 2009, continuous, digital animation

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


T.movi, 2011, continuous, digital animation

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


U.movi, 2011, continuous, digital animation

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere


C.movi, 2011, continuous, digital animation

© Eelco Brand/courtesy Gallery Lumiere

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Visiting Information


Gallery Lumiere Seoul
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For consultation on exhibited works and other photographic collections meetings can be arranged through appointment only.

Way to Gallery Lumiere Seoul
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